Thursday, December 2, 2010

We are here

We are here and exhausted. Our Nashville to Newark flight was really rough and Graham got to learn how to use the little baggy in front of his seat. The flight to Beijing was really nice, plane very nice. After we got here we went to China Little Flower. The lady that runs this use to work with China Care and knew Corinne when she lived at China Care. China Little flower had about 25-30 children. This is a home for hospice care, children difficult to adopt out, and children with moderate special needs. Graham saw alot and will need to absorb alot. We saw one child that had EXTREME hydrocephalus and is dying. There was another little girl with downs, cleft lip, and heart defect. Graham was drawn to her. I think mostly because she was older and a toddler. He told me he was scared he would "hurt" the babies if he touched them. There were children there with CP, Brain damage, double clefts, preemies, bladder exstrophy, ect. I have never been one to hide life's realities from my kids (especially when the reality is growing up right in our home). Today gave Graham alot to think about. The neat thing is he got to see a home very similar to the one Corinne initially lived in the 1st year of her life and Saturday night he will get to go to her foster families home. I really like that he is getting to see where and how she lived her first 2 years of life. If you are adopting in China and bringing children I highly recommend visiting one of the children's homes. There are so many great homes in the Beijing area.

Graham feel asleep at 6:30 without eating his dinner. I hope he gets a fulls night rest. Brook is already in bed asleep and I am signing off and on my way.


  1. We are just waking and you all are the first thoughts on our mind. We are so glad that you are safely there. Hug Graham for us. I am sure that he fell asleep so glad that he has a Mom and Dad to hug him and love him after seeing those precious little children. Corinne and Davis are fine. When we talk about us missing Mommy and Daddy(me as well) we say it is okay because this is how we get Maggie. That has seem to work well. We pray that every step of this journey will be protected with God's Love.
    Sleep Well!!
    Our Love,

  2. Glad y'all are there & everything is good here. Graham...I hope you will write down some of the things you are seeing so you can tell us all about it. Langley and Mac want to hear your stories.

  3. So glad you're there safe and sound... Sorry that Graham had to experience such a rough ride though, that's hard. He has such a sweet, tender heart, there's no telling how God will use this experience to shape his life.

    Can't wait to hear about your visit to Corinne's foster family...


  4. What a full day you all have had with the flight and then hitting the ground running. It sounds like it was alot to absorb for day one. We are praying for you all and so thankful you all are there safely! Hopefully it is warmer there than it is in Nashville!! Tell Maggie she will need to wear her mittens when she gets off the plane!!

  5. Praising God that you are there safe and sound. I kept visualizing the angels carrying your airplanes safely to China. Sorry Graham got to experience the seat baggies.....but tell him he is not alone in that club. God bless you guys for loving on those babies in Beijing....with your eyes & hearts wide open. Hope the days ahead will be uplifting to each of you in preparation for sweet Maggie.

  6. So glad to read your post. So sorry part of the flight was rough. One more memory. A nice plane going over makes a big difference, so I am glad for that too. I agree with Shannon...Graham keep a journal, you will treasure it all your life. A whole new world is opening up to you, things you cannot imagine. We wait in excitement and anticipation to hear about each leg of your trip. We pray too for God's protection and that He will go before all of you in this journey and straighten all paths. We are praying too for Maggie and the journey she is taking even today. We pray for God's protection for her too, for smoothness and bonding. Remember when they put Corinne in your lap for the first time!

  7. Glad to hear you made it safely. Praying for you!

  8. So glad y'all got there safe! Been praying that the flight to China would be as fast as possible for Graham. I am glad he got to see those precious kids because when I went to Romania and saw babies like that in the orphanages it was a big shock. I am glad he will be aware of it at such an early age. What a blessing for him to experience such an eye opening trip. Love y'all very much and can not wait to hear more! Kelsey

  9. glad you are there; know you are very tired. its kinda funny...that ya'll were just here in GA before your journey. I just love God's plan. He invited Mama Hazel to live w/him and ya'll are inviting Maggie to live w/you!! hugs and love to all CKK