Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Time

I am not good at posting like I did for our first adoption. I often have thoughts but they never quite make it to a post. Yet I am thankful for the wise women who find the time to post their thoughts. I personally benefit so much from reading blogs below. As it is said iron sharpens iron and the blogs listed below are women who "sharpen" me and keep my eyes on the cross.

Now I will share a story about my middle child "D". He always provides us with a story. Yesterday morning my 2 boys woke up and went to visit the christmas tree and were discussing gifts/Christmas while my husband and I were laying in our bedroom. D preceded to tell his older brother that he "Wasn't feeling good about Christmas". His brother asked him what did he mean but "D" just couldn't quite explain what was on his mind. His brother said "Do you think you are getting sticks for Christmas" No was his answer. "Do you think you aren't going to get the gift you want" No was his answer and continued to talk about how he "was worried and not feeling good about Christmas". My husband and I looked at each other and thought "he is worried about his presents, good grief". Later on I called "D" to me and asked him what did he mean that he was "worried about Christmas". He pondered and thought and he turned to me and said "Mom I am worried about all the poor people that don't have anything". It is a joyous thing to see seeds bear fruit. I told him Christmas for me was a happy/sad time. Once your eyes have been open to children with no families, orphans literally dying from lack of care, or books like "Same kind of difference as me" Christmas can't be the same. We now know and have met "the least of these" and we can't do nothing. Ironically yesterday we were scheduled to take Christmas gifts and dinner to the "least of these" in our community. It was a blessing to be able to let "D" see how we flesh out those concerns that God lays on our heart.

We gave Christmas for a family through Mercy Childrens Clinic. What is neat about their family adoption is that you take the food and gifts to the family. It gives you a chance to let God open your childrens eyes to the people in their community. When you walk into a home and their is a 3 foot Christmas tree with 3 small gift bags around the tree - that is certainly to make and imprint on their heart.
Below is a picture of "D" loving on his sister. From time to time I will find "D" loving up on his sister. he really does have a sensitivity to others.

Below are photos from a DC trip "G" my oldest and I did. I called it a homeschooling fieldtrip, it just required a plane ride. My brother, who we are very proud of, ran in the Marine Corp marathon. Which is quite awsome to watch someone compete in a marathon!

I decided this would be a great time to take Graham to DC (he has been studying early American history) and see the sites and watch his Uncle. Graham also got to run in a 1 mile kids race and had a soldier place a medal around his neck. Neat experience for a 7 year old! I was able to run in the 10k race and had alot of fun. It was very inspiring to run next to injured soldiers running on prothesis or using modified bikes to help them complete the event. It was defiantly a memory making/bonding trip with my oldest.

My brother and me

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have lots of pictures below of what we have been doing this holiday season. This past weekend I had all of our cousins over to decorate gingerbread cookies. They all enjoy being together. Corinne and I went back to the mini nutcracker this year. She loves going and seeing all the ballerinas.

Corinne loves decorating cookies and Making anything!

More cousins

Davis with his cousin E*

Graham and his cousin m*

Sitting with Santa

Making gingerbread houses

Corinne at the "mini nutcracker" with her cousin meeting the sugarplum fairy

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chocolate and pink giraffe pants 3t

Up for sale now is a pair of pink and chocolate brown giraffe pants. The pants have a ruffled hem and are trimmed in chocolate ric rac. The pants are 22.75 inches long and the waist is 18inches. They are generous 3t. The cost is $32. I can also sell with the pants a white lettuce edge turtleneck that can be embroidered. I have enough giraffe fabric to embroider the tee with an initial or what ever interest you. The additional shirt would be $18. I do not have enough fabric to do more pants - this will be the only one I sell. Email me if you want to purchase

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Outfit

I have for sale a size 3t pant set. I love this set and had originally made it for my daughter, but I need to sell somethings. I don't have anymore of this fabric so this is the only one available. All fabrics, trims, and buttons are from a boutique childrens fabric shop - NO Joannes or Hobby lobby fabrics. The top is lined and buttons in the back. The main fabric is light pink with white, green, and shades of pink dots. The neck and armholes are trimmed in a coordinating piping. The hem of the top is made from a green microcheck. The same piping is used to trim the hem plus an added white ric rac. The top measures 14.25 inches from shoulder to hem. The pants are made from the same pink dot fabric. The pants cuff is made from the same microcheck green gingham. The piping was also used on the cuff of the pants. 'The elastic waistband measures 17 inches. The pants are 21inches long. This set is for sale for $60 plus shipping.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break Fun

This weekend my husband took my 2 boys for an overnight camp trip. They hiked 4 miles in to their campsite and set up camp and then hiked 4 miles back out in the morning. Not bad for a 5 and 7 year old. My oldest is a trooper and always up for an adventure. Cold, pain, fatigue generally doesn't bother him he just keeps going without a complaint. Now my 5 year old feels those discomforts a bit more and is also very good at sharing how he is feeling. He did get tired yesterday as they were doing mile 3. They had a great time and will defiantly do it again in the spring. I am so thankful to have a husband who will spend time with my boys doing what boys are meant to do and enjoy the outdoors.

Just getting started

Entering into a cave
A little rock climbing

They came home and told me they could write with sticks and smoke
Resting tired feet
A beautiful waterfall and notice the "mist" rainbow
Corinne and I stayed home while they camped. We got to play a number of rounds of candy land, go fish, paint nails and toes, watch cinderella, and sleep in mom's bed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slowly moving into fall

I have been really busy with starting my 3rd year of homeschooling and doing all the things you have to do to kick off another school year. So I haven't had much time to sew. I did sew a few things in August for sweet friends of mine. I have one friend that has adopted from china and wanted matching dresses for her adorable girls. I made 2 apron dresses that would work in winter and spring. I used a fine whale corduroy in raspberry for the top of the dress. I used a cream velvet to finish out the hem on the apron. The ties and hem on the skirt is made from a micro gingham check in light blue. See photo below

Next I made an outfit - capri and tie top for another sweet little girl. The top ties at the shoulders and has pockets. The pants are made from an apple fabric and are capri length

We went to the beach at the end of the August and I wanted to make Corinne some fun wispy beach pants. Below is a photo of the the pants. I trimmed the hem in sweet cotton lace.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prayers needed now for a family

For those of you familiar with the new US imposed TB adoption laws - there is a family right now living the nightmare of these new laws/requirments. See links below. I think beaucrats forget the living breathing children that are affected by more red tape/laws.

This family is seeking press coverage to assist in bringing home their newly adopted daughter. If you personally know someone in the media that is able to take action, please have them contact this family! Contact info is posted on their site below:

After reading their story, please come back and sign this petition. This is extremely important for those of you waiting to adopt!

Please keep them in your prayers!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Auction closed

The auction is now closed. Thank you Ruthi for your bid and helping to bring David home to his family. Please email me so I can ask you questions about the sizing/sewing of the dress.

Robin, from Red Thread Stitches fundraises for China Little Flower through auctions. In about a week I will have another outfit to auction on Robins website. So please check back. Below is a photo of come of the children at China little flower. They provide much hospice care. Below the photo is a brief description of China little Flower.
China Little Flower is named after St. Therese “the little flower” who had a great heart for China. Their staff consists of less than 30, including the nannies who care for the babies. They are working in cooperation with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (priests and lay missionaries) and Missionary Benedictines (a small convent of nuns). They have always kept the number of babies in the hospice at 12 to 15, but the new home will have beds for up to 20. The home was expanded from only a home for dying babies, to also accepting fragile preemie/low birth weight babies, and also those born with congenital club feet. The babies come from all over China, not just Taiyuan. China Little Flower also cares for older disabled orphans in foster families; there are about 40 of them. Some attend school, and some are severely disabled and mentally retarded and do not. The work is funded solely by donations.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dress Auction to help Davids family

This entry is for an auction to help Davids family. I posted earlier about this family. They are in process to adopt their 3rd special needs child from China. David is a sweet boy who has waited a long time to come home to his forever family. About 2 years ago this family adopted Davids best friend Maddie June. Maddie June can't wait for David to come home. She has never forgotten him. The photo above is a picture of Maddie with David while they were living in China together.

This auction will end on July 13th at 7pm. Below is the photo of the dress available. What I love about this dress is that it is knit. The knit is a beautiful pale blue with lots of fun bright colors. The straps are made from a polka dot grossgrain ribbon. The hem is trimmed in pink ric rac. The bodice of the sundress is gathered. The winner of the auction can choose the size they want me to sew. The dress is available in size 12m to size 8. Please leave your bid amount under comments. Thanks so much for supporting this family. At the close of the auction the winner will go to the families website and pay them directly. Once payment is sent I will start sewing your dress in your size choice.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

mermaid skirt

My daughter loves mermaids and put in a request for a mermaid skirt. Below are pictures of her skirt. I can get this fabric for just a little longer. I can make this skirt in size 12m -8. It will cost $32. Email me if you would like to order one or need a skirt with a different "theme"

This month I have had 2 new neices. One adopted from china and another born to my sister in law and brother. Below is a dress I made for my brothers new daughter. It is a classic tailored dress that has hand emboidery work. I monogrammed her initial using a technique called "shadow emboirdery". I then added embroidery work to the hem. See photos below.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My new niece/ sisters adoption

My sister and brother in law are in China right now adopting their 4th child - first adoption. If you would like to see their journy the link is

There new daughter is very cute and very sad. It is so hard to watch and witness a child grieve like these children grieve. Please pray for "E" as she accepts her new family and grieves the loss of her foster family. Pray also for the foster family. They loved her very much.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We got an email from our agency yesterday saying we had a LID. LID stands for Log in Date. That is the date that China officially logs in your dossier (paperwork) into their system. Our LID is June 22, 2009!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


If you are interested in anything please email me first instead of leaving a comment. I made the skirt below for my neice. It is a tiered skirt with an apron front. The apron is a white fabric with small pink polka dots. I embroidered flowers onto the apron. I used green ric rac for the stems and border. I can make this skirt in a size 2t-8. I have enough fabric for 2 more skirts. It cost $32

This is a matching peasant dress I made for my neice who is coming home from China in July. I used the green ric rac around the border and appliqued a flower on to the skirt of the dress. The fabric is gathered around the neck and hem of the sleeve. I will make and sell this dress for $40

People have inquired about the skirts and cross tees. The below fabric is made from seersucker. I will make the skirt from the pink seersucker and trim it in either white, pink, or yellow ric rac.

I can make the below fabric in skirt/tee. The skirt will be made from the pear fabric and apron from the red polka dot. I will use the brown or yellow ric rac for trim. The cross tee and skirt is $42

I tried my hand at smocking and made this bishop for my nephew. It is light blue and smocked with cream thread. The sleeve is smocked and trimmed with lace. Right now I am not going to sew and sell smocked items until I have practiced more.