Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Time

I am not good at posting like I did for our first adoption. I often have thoughts but they never quite make it to a post. Yet I am thankful for the wise women who find the time to post their thoughts. I personally benefit so much from reading blogs below. As it is said iron sharpens iron and the blogs listed below are women who "sharpen" me and keep my eyes on the cross.

Now I will share a story about my middle child "D". He always provides us with a story. Yesterday morning my 2 boys woke up and went to visit the christmas tree and were discussing gifts/Christmas while my husband and I were laying in our bedroom. D preceded to tell his older brother that he "Wasn't feeling good about Christmas". His brother asked him what did he mean but "D" just couldn't quite explain what was on his mind. His brother said "Do you think you are getting sticks for Christmas" No was his answer. "Do you think you aren't going to get the gift you want" No was his answer and continued to talk about how he "was worried and not feeling good about Christmas". My husband and I looked at each other and thought "he is worried about his presents, good grief". Later on I called "D" to me and asked him what did he mean that he was "worried about Christmas". He pondered and thought and he turned to me and said "Mom I am worried about all the poor people that don't have anything". It is a joyous thing to see seeds bear fruit. I told him Christmas for me was a happy/sad time. Once your eyes have been open to children with no families, orphans literally dying from lack of care, or books like "Same kind of difference as me" Christmas can't be the same. We now know and have met "the least of these" and we can't do nothing. Ironically yesterday we were scheduled to take Christmas gifts and dinner to the "least of these" in our community. It was a blessing to be able to let "D" see how we flesh out those concerns that God lays on our heart.

We gave Christmas for a family through Mercy Childrens Clinic. What is neat about their family adoption is that you take the food and gifts to the family. It gives you a chance to let God open your childrens eyes to the people in their community. When you walk into a home and their is a 3 foot Christmas tree with 3 small gift bags around the tree - that is certainly to make and imprint on their heart.
Below is a picture of "D" loving on his sister. From time to time I will find "D" loving up on his sister. he really does have a sensitivity to others.

Below are photos from a DC trip "G" my oldest and I did. I called it a homeschooling fieldtrip, it just required a plane ride. My brother, who we are very proud of, ran in the Marine Corp marathon. Which is quite awsome to watch someone compete in a marathon!

I decided this would be a great time to take Graham to DC (he has been studying early American history) and see the sites and watch his Uncle. Graham also got to run in a 1 mile kids race and had a soldier place a medal around his neck. Neat experience for a 7 year old! I was able to run in the 10k race and had alot of fun. It was very inspiring to run next to injured soldiers running on prothesis or using modified bikes to help them complete the event. It was defiantly a memory making/bonding trip with my oldest.

My brother and me

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  1. Hi Stef! What a great post!! You and your awesome hubby are doing a GREAT job raising your kids... Thanks for sharing that story!! Missing you...can't wait for the beach!!