Monday, March 7, 2011

3rd Birthday

This is how you will find me most late afternoons, my own personal sense of style

My brothers are alot of fun

We celebrated Maggie's 3rd Birthday on February 20th. Although we know her real birthday is around the 1st of April (give or take a few days) we have decided to not change it legally. I looked into and it is a tedious strange process. Even if you get the birthday changed at the state level you still have to have it changed at the federal level and there are no gurantees. So when you go to get a passport it can cause issues. Instead it will just be a part of her story.

She totally enjoyed her birthday and recieved some of her favorite things. Her papoo fixed an antique doll highchair for her. She also has enjoyed a pretend wok set, doll potty, dora doll, and plastic kid chair. She had many cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to help her celebrate. She now knows what "Birthday" means and is gets excited when we talk about her jie jie's birthday that is coming up in a few weeks.
She is still doing really well. I personally think she is the cutest 3 year old around. She has such a fun personality. She is sassy and so smiley. When she smiles her whole face lights up and she smiles ALOT. Now it is good that she is so darn cute because she has resorted back to spitting. When we first came home she would spit on us when she didn't like something we did or said. It got better and she really went a good month or so with no spitting. But now it is back. I can see the bubbles of saliva collect on her bottom lip as she thinks over wether or not she will hit her target. If this was my first or even second child I would probably be in a twit. Sometimes I have to hide my smile when I see her get so sassy and spittin like a camel. Why do I smile - because I know this shows she is a little fighter and she is strong. So now I just have to brag a bit more on my sweet baby .......
Maggie plays hard, laughs hard, can get really mad, yell really loud, smile big, climb fast, run in high heels, sleep through the night, whisper I love you, I love you, I love you in my ear, poops on the potty in about 10 seconds, begs everyone to read "pinkalicious" (yes she can say that word), brings me the phone when it rings, finds my coffee mug after I have sat it in 20 places in the morning, get in and out of her carseat, peddle her tricycle all over the place, gives BEAR hugs, gets bashful when we catch her playing imaginary play but readily lets us join in, mix mandarin in English (says Bu want it aka no I don't want it), won't stay in her sunday school class without us (always did love 3year old sunday school - NOT), loves to sit and have Davis read her books, loves shoes - all shoes - will melt down over shoes, favorite outfit is underwear, sunglasses, high heels, and a baby doll, and is a few inches off the ground from doing the full splits - we think she is so talented. After watching her brothers swim team for weeks her newest talent is to stand in a chair get in the diving pose and jump on 3, and her form ain't so bad.
I love my Bunny and my chair

We can BRING It On with my Mama and P90X extreme Yoga