Sunday, May 16, 2010

new sewing

I have been busy sewing for Corinne for the summer. I always like to get my sewing for her complete before I do much in the way of orders. Below are somethings I have created. Let me know if you are interested in anything. I have many fabric choices. I will not sew another "Easter dress". It was labor intensive and the materials are very $$$$.

Below is a fun "twirl skirt" It is double layered which means it is fun and full for a little girl to twirl around. I used grossgrain polka dot ribbon to cinch up the side. The skirt is $46.

This is a fun apron dress. It has a peasant style. I like this pattern because you can be really creative with the waistaband and apron. I added pink buttons to the sash to make it appear "buttoned on". It is easy to adorn it with embellishments. I just wish I had time to teach myself to make the little round fabric flowers people are putting on everything. Maybe I can learn that next month.

This pattern is from Children's Corner and I really like the finished product. The pattern is for a top or dress. The round neck is a bit labor intensive to make it fit "just right". I used a matching aqua micro check piping to go around the neck. I am crazy about tucks this year. I really like an old fashion summer look and tucks do just that. I also like that the back of the top uses just 3 buttons and leaves the bottom half open.

Front of the top

Back of the top

Like I said I love sweet old fashion summer dresses. This is "The tuck dress". Hence all the tucks in the front. It calls for 14 tucks in the front and 14 in the back. So the back and the front match. If you have never sewn take my word that it is alot of tucks. The collar is trimmed in a sweet white crotch trim. Unfortunatly my camera "washed out" the fabric. It is much prettier stronger pink in person. This dress is not for sale.

I love this fabric. It is a white seersucker accented in pink/greens/ and red. The straps are made from a raspberry gingham and the ruffle trim is also made from the same raspberry gingham. This dress is $52 size 3/4

This dress looks really cute on. The round neck and hem is made of a white pique and is trimmed in an aqua piping. A Michael Miller fabric is used for the dress. It is a combo of white, aqua, and coral. It sells for $56

I made this set earlier in the spring while it was still cool. The fabric is a cute polka dot mushroom print. I trimmed the pant in a red and white gingham ribbon above the ruffle.

This was "C" EAster dress this year. It is the first Heirloom quality dress I have sewn for her. I saw the dress on a model and had to make it. There was no pattern so it just had to be "created". It is made from the softest 100% pima batiste cotton - Bearissama. The yoke is pieced together with lace/embroidered trim/entradaux. I enjoyed making it for Corinne but I wouldn't make to sell. Too much time and $$$ went into it.

I made these 3 sibling outfits for another adoptive family. There last sweet boy came from Ethiopia.

This is one of mynew favorite patterns by Modkid. It is a fun top and skirt set. The top is a halter with a 2 layer skirt. I used an eyelet fabric for the underskirt of the top. The skirt is made from 2 fabrics and the hem has tucks at the bottom. The top also has horizontal tucks. This style sells for $70

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Everyone is finishing up with school! D and C finished preschool today. G has 2 more weeks of monday/friday classes and we have 2 more weeks of homeschooling. I can not wait for summer. I feel like the kids "freedom". We can spend time doing whatever we want. Remember when you were a kid and how wonderful the word "summer" was and then as you approached college graduation "summer" would never hold the same meaning.

With 3 kids and homeschooling "summer" now has a sweet ring. I told G today he would spend the summer with me teaching him to cook. He is interested in anything and everything. I told him he can pick out a cake/pie/dessert each week and then let our "judges" rate the recipe. He loves ice tea so we plan to make "sun tea" and tea with a machine and do a "taste test" to see which way is really better. When apples were in season we did an apple taste test with about 12 varities to see what is best - he still remembers. He is a joy to make memories with.

I have an older neighbor who is always telling me that these years with my kids are the best years. I believe her. They are easy/happy kids,(most of the time). They haven't entered the hard years of trying to figure out how to fit in or are they liked. In their world "why would you not like them". With my neighbor I can see such the contrast in our lives. I long for peace and quiet but for the most part peace and quiet is all she has. Our lives are busy with coming going but hers is much simplier. Yesterday I was cutting the grass and my 2 boys were chasing behind my lawn mower laughing and pretending the mower was a monster. I loved that moment. It was a total boys being boys yet still children. I am thankful for my neighbor and the reminder that she gives me to be thankful for these tiring but joyful years.

We live in a wealthy community so there are many stay at home moms. One thing that kills me is when I hear moms complaining about summer coming. They say they don't know what they will do with their kids all day and are so glad when school starts back up. When I hear these comments I always hope their kids don't hear their parent say these things. I mean really, think about how excited kids are about summer and then to know that your parents just wish you were back in school. Sorry for this diversion but it is a soapbox of mine.