Thursday, May 13, 2010


Everyone is finishing up with school! D and C finished preschool today. G has 2 more weeks of monday/friday classes and we have 2 more weeks of homeschooling. I can not wait for summer. I feel like the kids "freedom". We can spend time doing whatever we want. Remember when you were a kid and how wonderful the word "summer" was and then as you approached college graduation "summer" would never hold the same meaning.

With 3 kids and homeschooling "summer" now has a sweet ring. I told G today he would spend the summer with me teaching him to cook. He is interested in anything and everything. I told him he can pick out a cake/pie/dessert each week and then let our "judges" rate the recipe. He loves ice tea so we plan to make "sun tea" and tea with a machine and do a "taste test" to see which way is really better. When apples were in season we did an apple taste test with about 12 varities to see what is best - he still remembers. He is a joy to make memories with.

I have an older neighbor who is always telling me that these years with my kids are the best years. I believe her. They are easy/happy kids,(most of the time). They haven't entered the hard years of trying to figure out how to fit in or are they liked. In their world "why would you not like them". With my neighbor I can see such the contrast in our lives. I long for peace and quiet but for the most part peace and quiet is all she has. Our lives are busy with coming going but hers is much simplier. Yesterday I was cutting the grass and my 2 boys were chasing behind my lawn mower laughing and pretending the mower was a monster. I loved that moment. It was a total boys being boys yet still children. I am thankful for my neighbor and the reminder that she gives me to be thankful for these tiring but joyful years.

We live in a wealthy community so there are many stay at home moms. One thing that kills me is when I hear moms complaining about summer coming. They say they don't know what they will do with their kids all day and are so glad when school starts back up. When I hear these comments I always hope their kids don't hear their parent say these things. I mean really, think about how excited kids are about summer and then to know that your parents just wish you were back in school. Sorry for this diversion but it is a soapbox of mine.


  1. Yea for you!!! Someday they(kids)will realize how blessed they are to have you and Brook as Mom and Dad.

    Love you,
    Aunt Melba

  2. Amen Sister!!!! I am so looking forward to sleeping late with my G and snuggling till noon if we want. Going to the park or just holding hands as we walk Winston. What is a bigger blessing than to be with your children while they are young? For those who do not see or feel that I feel so sad for their hearts & kids. We are so blessed dear friend!