Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here is a video of Maggie pointing to each family member and calling them by name. She had gone to the couch and pulled out her book and was looking at it talking about each family member. I was a little late in getting the camera on her so I had to get her to reengage in the book. She thinks it is funny when I point to a family member and call them by the wrong name.


  1. Love seeing the videos of Maggie... just a glimpse of her little spunky self! We look forward to reading all your updates and seeing the new pictures. We will look forward to tomorrow's update as we are all home in the SNOW tomorrow! Snowed all day today!! Its looking like a "Tender Tennessee Christmas outside right now. I know you all are counting down the days and minutes before you all leave. We will be praying that you all are able to enjoy these last days this week but that they go quickly. Hopefully your sinuses will be cleared out by the time you land.... if not you may need to stop off at Walgreens and get one of those Netti Pots!!
    Praying for Maggie's broken heart.... Praying for trust to be built.... Praying for endurance for you all .... Praying for all the seeds being planted in that sweet big brother's heart.

  2. She has a really cute personality! I like her sassiness...she'll fit right in with the other Divas in this family! We have 4 inches of snow on the ground! All of mid TN schools are out tomorrow. But it is bitter cold...negative wind chill temps! We might be some more snow on Wed but it should be all clear for your arrival later in the week. Hope you are enjoying your time in Guangzhou. We are very excited to meet Miss Maggie & have y'all home.

  3. What a funny little doll baby!!! Dad(Pop) and I feel so blessed and fortunate to be adding Maggie to our wonderful group of granchildren. We know we have the best of the best!!!!!
    Maggie does not understand yet but still tell her we love her.
    Mom and Dad(Saucy and Pop)

  4. Oh, she is SO cute! I had to laugh... Stef, are you sure she's laughing at you calling them the wrong name or your Chinese with a Southern accent?! Abby used to laugh so hard at me for my Chinese with a southern drawl! Loved reading about the trip to the zoo and the dinner cruise, she seems like she has such a great personality!

    Love ya!

  5. Stefanie~
    I had to post this. Gabriel crawled on my lap as I was watching this video and started grinning and laughing. He pointed to the screen and said, "she is one of my kids". I said "your kids?" "Yes, she talks like me. We will be friends & speak Chinese. Momma, she is pretty." Oh, my Miss Maggie has a 3 year old admirer!