Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bedtime bottle. She doesn't need the extra calories but she enjoys it.

Post swearing in Ceremony at the US Consulate
Maggie having about her 5th cookie. The Chinese Tea lady would not stop giving her cookies even though we kept telling her no more.
Trying out different teas. We all decided Ginseng Oolong is our favorite
Davis, you would be so dissapointed. All these turtles are waiting to be someone's dinner
Maggie loves food, she even snacks on the potty. Here she is having a little dried mango

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  1. From Alex: Hi Graham! How many teas did you taste? My favorite is Tiki Torch, but it is out of South Africa and was kind of fruity tasting...I am looking forward to tasting the teas in China! I cannot wait to get Florie so she and Maggie can meet...it looks like Maggie really likes you! see you on Friday!

    From Eve: Looks like all is going pretty well, we have loved your posts, and appreciate all the time it has taken to do that. I know you are ready to be home, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!