Thursday, December 16, 2010


WE got to the Marriott in Hong Kong a little after midnight last night. It is now 10:35am Hong Kong time and we are waiting to board our 11:40 flight to Newark. Maggie is doing great. Going to Brook alot more and allowing him to carry her when my arms are give out. She still doesn't like him to put her shoes on. Please pray for good weather in Newark and Nashville so there will be no flight delays. We will make a post once home our homecoming and recommendations on lodging, stuff to do and what to bring and not bring. I will say that the Garden Hotel was the best hotel. I would be my first choice above the other common places like the White Swan, China Hotel (marriott) and the Victory. Will go into the why's later.

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  1. I hope everything goes well on your flight! I have SOOOOO enjoyed reading your posts about your trip (again!). It was fun to read along as you returned to China as experienced adoptive parents rather than first timers. You certainly, as I am sure we all do, had a different perspective the second time around. Have a very Merry Christmas (hope the jet lag is not too rough). You will be in my prayers as you start your new life with Maggie!