Sunday, December 5, 2010

All worn out...Maggie too

Good big Brother. Graham loved to hold her in his lap, hold her hand as they walked, feed her, and try to make her happy. I hope she gives him even a little smile soon. He's a good boy.

Ceremony making the adoption official...didn't realize what was going on at first...couldn't figure out why the surrounded us with flags at the time. It was a nice staff. Really seemed to respect their jobs. Wish I had a picture of the orphanage director. Nice guy. Gave Maggie a little gift...Oh, and I walked around the corner and he was in the office with all the other officials smoking from a "water bong"...literally...but it was tobacco...honestly. Said the water filters out the nicotine. Someone needs to pass this bit of info to the FDA...

Finally got a picture of the front of the adoption of the "hostage escape"...see what I meant by the nondescript entrace?

Yep...she eats with chop sticks...and speaks Chinese...who'd of thunk it?
Looks better cleaned up, too...another dash of obvious.

This was the morning...I slowly got her out of her layers of cloths, and she was starving and dehydrated from sweating through the much as the Chinese don't understand why we don't bundle our kids up, I don't understand their tendency to put them in snow suites in July.

Still asleep...our pictures are in reverse order if you haven't figures it out yet...too lazy to fix it...we worked her shoes off in the middle of the night...but the 18 lbs of cloths and bag of stuff are still with her.

Waiting in the hall, packed and ready to leave...this was "gotcha" night...had enough of us already. She's got a thing for leaning against walls and sort of kicking on hip to the side in a pose. Kinda cute.


  1. The crib picture and the hall picture are absolute tear jerkers. I remember our first night with Emma and how she banged her head until she went to sleep. This is hard stuff and I'm praying for you all.

  2. Oh, my she is beautiful. I am feeling all the emotions through your seems like yesterday for me still. So wonderful to hear from Brook too! You guys just remember China seems like "forever" but it is just a blink of the eye....the sun is bright here today but bitter cold. Looking forward to when you are all back home safe & sound and you can enjoy the clear skies every way. Love that Miss Maggie does the "elvis has left the building" hands over the face....reminds me of Anna. Stefanie, know I have you in moment by moment prayer....Satan has no foothold or business in this trip! Love & Hugs to you all!

  3. I LOVE the photos! She is adorable!! You can see the fierce determination in her eyes... I know you know this, but the very thing that will probably frustrate you in the coming days is the very thing God gave her to help her survive, a STRONG will!

    So glad everyone slept... Thank you God!

  4. Hi Again,

    Oh, what a DOLL little Maggie is! I have so had you all in my prayers and just so happy to hear that you, Stefanie, finally slept last night. Am asking God to multifply your needed sleep! Just loved reading Graham's descrip-tion of her first day and night. He is just an angel child and is going to be used so in Maggie's adjustment to her new family. Meredith told me they were together last night at the Bishop's and how fun it was to Skype. She talked at length to Corinne and told her what a wonderful big sister she was going to be to Maggie....and she will.

    Thanks for the update and picture of your life in China with Maggie. You will soon be home and the sun is shining brightly here. Keep up the good work. You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Love and Blessings, Gin Gin