Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We leave tomorrow!! Can't wait. Emotionally, I'm out of here. Really, as I was thinking about it earlier tonight, I was pretty close to miserable at the end of our Guiyang portion of the trip, but Guangzhou has been nice. Nice city, nice hotel, nice people, and we're getting along nicely with Maggie. Still, I miss Davis and Corinne and I can't wait to see them in person rather than a computer screen. I can't wait to pick them up and hug on them, and give them a big kiss. I can't wait to play little jokes on them when they aren't expecting it. I can't wait to give them little treats to make them happy. I can't wait to love on them.

Really, I don't know how Maggie is going to do when we touch down in Nashville. I think she is pretty well accepting us as parents. I think her foster grandparents prepared her for us pretty well, and I also think it's her personality. However, in Guiyang, I think she grieved, in part, because I think she was expecting us to move in with her foster Grandparents...there was room on the floor. Now, I think she is expecting us to go to the airport to pick up Davis and Corinne to move into this hotel room with us any day now. She's going to be shocked when we touch down and she's suddenly in the minority.

That said...I actually think she is going to do pretty good. She's got a strong personality. Graham having been here is turning out to be more important than I thought it would. I think he'll be the link to Corinne and Davis, and she is going to love to play with them, and them with her. She'll learn to love them, and the rest of us, later.

To the rest of you will come a little later, but your going to like her and we can't wait for you to meet to bed...packing tomorrow and can't wait.


Maggie is talking away in this video. Just wish we knew what she was saying


  1. Sounds like my Emma now! She is precious.

  2. I see a future barista in her!! Praying that all the traveling goes smoothly for you all and that you all feel God's presence during the transition back home. More twists and turns are up ahead but God is in the details!!

  3. Okay this is about as cute as it gets. We cannot wait to experience her for ourselves!!
    POP and SAUCY

  4. Ok...seriously that is just will be glad you taped her talking away in Chinese...they lose it sooo fast. She is so precious. Praying that someday we can meet her in person!
    Lynnea :)
    P.S. Can't wait to hear what you say have to say about the Garden...we are trying to narrow down our hotel stays.

  5. I had no intention on commenting here tonight. I have an almost five year old grandson from China, home a year in April. We have video of his Chinese, telling story after story. Precious.

    Your little one is just adorable, and this little video a treasure for you. I've enjoyed my visit here this evening!