Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing like some street food in Mom's lap

We tried to get a close up to show just how greasy she was...picture just didn't do it

This was the moment we slowed her down long enough to take a picture

Well, looks like there will be a third kid who hides behind the green chair in our bedroom to chew all their mothers gum...Corinne, know what I'm talking about...

The Chinese love to pose

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  1. WOW..the kids are impressed with the meat on a stick....we don't get much of that at home :) I love all of the pictures, and am happy to see changes everyday in Maggie and in you all. Graham, would love one more post from you in all of your spare time :) I know you are probably WIPED OUT from trying to keep up with Maggie!
    SNOW DAY here....we've had teh stomach bug and now likely strep in another. WIll all be well by FRIDAY and looking forward to seeing you then!