Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here's what we want to do when we get home

Stefanie: She wants to take a bath in water that she knows isn't contaminated. She wants to drink a glass of wine that she's heard of and isn't made in China. She then wants to eat a hamburger. Before she goes to bed, she wants to brush her teeth with running water.

Brook: He wants to sit in the chair in his bedroom with a beer by his side and watch football...doesn't matter who, just American football. During commercials, he wants to flip among TV stations that are in English. At halftime, he wants to wander into his backyard, maybe the garage, and piddle.

Graham: Misses nothing and would like to bring Nashville to China. Assuming he could somehow import his toys and, in particularly, his Wii...then he'd be cool here. Oh, he'd like to play with his brother and sister too.

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