Saturday, December 4, 2010

T minus 1 hour

Well, we're sitting, and we're waiting. Got to Guiyang around noon, checked into the hotel shortly thereafter, and we'll meet our guide to go to get Maggie at 4:30. Stef wanted a Starbucks, so Graham and I went looking. In Beijing, there is a Starbucks about every 100 yards, certainly I could find one here. We walked a couple city blocks...Graham counted over 300 "stares that he saw".

Here is a quote I found on another blog concerning Guiyang:

"For foreigners looking for a somewhat gritty and challenging experience in China that forces them to become self-reliant, develop a taste for spicy food and Baijiu, and learn to live and think like the Chinese, it can be a great adventure."

He goes on to say that for a city its size, Guiyang is so "remote" there isn't even a McDonalds or Starbucks. Oh, well...hoping that isn't the case. Just paid about $7 for a cup of coffee in the hotel, and was told by the bartender to check out the 6th floor. There is a "spa", he told me as he grinned. Apparently I can get something called a wicky wicky...something may be lost in the translation but I think it must be a back rub.

P.S., and on a more serious side, Stef is asking for prayer for sleep and energy. She's been up every night/morning around 3 and can't go back to sleep. She's miserably tired to the point that she's ready to mix medication with wine. Problem is we're about to have s toddler in the room that doesn't like us.



  1. It's 2:30 am here & for some very unusual reason I can't sleep. Just checked your posts & see that you are meeting Maggie right now. Now I'm thankful to be wide-awake because I can pray...for you three, & especially precious Maggie for an immediate sense of calm & comfort in your arms. It's hard to imagine what is going through her little mind & heart. If only she could understand right now how wonderful the love of your family will be for her forever. Surely sensitive, big-brother Graham will be an immediate friend & comfort to her. And she has the world's greatest big sister waiting to love her & walk beside her through life! My heart aches for her right now. I know y'all are so happy to be covering that precious face in kisses. I'm praying she responds immediately.

    Can I just say how much I LOVE the pictures of Graham with his blonde hair & bright blue coat in a sea of black?! Bet he is getting some stares! He's the cutest thing. I know his life is being shaped for the better as I type. It's so wonderful that he's there with you.

    We love y'all and are waiting anxiously to meet our new baby cousin!!!

    Meredith, Darren & Les

  2. So very glad you are there safely and enjoying this special time with Graham! I am excited for his experiences...and all that will come as a result of them in days and years to come. Keeping you in prayers and in our hearts as Maggie meets you today. God's love is joyously sounding right now...may the peace of His love blanket you all tonight as you sleep. Love to you...