Thursday, December 9, 2010

The "chinese squat"

This photo depicts Maggie's personality - why use stairs when you can go up this fun slope.
My brother is so funny and I really don't understand why I have to sit down while riding in the van.
Maggie and Graham running to the next spot
At a Waterfall park and cave
Inside the cave
Brook and Graham walking out on rocks to the waterfall

There are a couple of things that describe Maggie.
1. She has the stamina of an Ox. We walked a couple of miles today through caves, parks, ect. She had to walk approximately 250 steps today. She preferred to walk instead of being carried. Pretty much at all times she prefers walking instead of being carried and we do alot of walking.

2. She always has dirty hands. She rubs her hands over every dirty surface

3. She is extremely messy when she eats - food is everywhere and she is wearing 1/2 of it.

4. She likes to sing under her breathe

5. She can NOT play with markers - like the food it is everywhere

6. She plays really well inside and will sit around and play with toys, but if she is outside she is climbing and moving. She is not fearful of heights nor ledges nor steps or anything. She can move fast and loves to run with Graham.

I think she has some rough and tumble in her. Her gross motor movement in general is not refined. Think more like Mac truck. She has good fine motor skills and has quite a bit of hand strength.

Brook is tired tonight. We all colds we think from the pollution. Tomorrow evening we head to Guangzhou. Have to say we are ready to go. We miss home and look forward to the ease and comfort that Guangzhou has to offer.

If you are coming to adopt and are adopting a toddler I highly recommend bringing a plastic tea set. Maggie plays with it for hours on end.


  1. Ok... I guess 3rd time was the charm! So... a few things I thought I had posted before.... I highly recommend that you declare yourself a vegetarian and not go for the dog meat! I am definitely keeping that from Mallory, my DOG LOVER, since she might be scarred to hear that piece of news! Graham.... you are so gifted by God with patience and perseverance. What a gift to have been the first person to get a smile and a laugh out of her! I love seeing how much she has already changed since you all got her last weekend. Her eyes are brighter... love seeing the smiles and hearing how much personality she is already showing you all. Stefanie, you might be right about your "wild child card". It may be on the table and ready to be played with Miss Maggie! We are praying for endurance for you all this next 8-9 days. We loved seeing Corinne and Davis at church last week and the girls are SO EXCITED about the big sleepover tomorrow night. So glad we get to spend some time with Corinne. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. YOu all are seeing and experiencing some AMAZING things. THe story bag is overflowing with some good ones already. I loved the "crab" story and can sympathize with the struggle to use those potties. It is hard enough to use them as an adult much less help 2 yr old use them correctly. Hope that you find a good technique sooner than later. WE miss you all and can't wait until you all are back on AMERICAN SOIL!!

    Keep singing those Christmas tunes...."I'll be home for Christmas..."

  2. What a blessed and wild journey. Praying for you all the way. Love all the details. Showed the pics to Max and Nate last night. Gave them some perspective. Graham, Max says he misses you. He can't wait for you to get home so you can tell him all about it. He's playing Backyard Football on Wii and says you'd really like it. He thinks your new sister is cute. We enjoyed having Davis over yesterday. The boys played a little football outside (after we convinced Davis it's possible to play 3-man football), then swim practice, a trip to Sonic and then a little Wii before Grandma Bishop came to get him. Although I know he misses you, he was in great spirits. He may have set a record for his pre-swim-practice-routine (20 minutes!). I sent Max into the locker room three times to check on him. He was just on Davis time. I know you can't wait to get home. Enjoy the travel time with Graham and these first precious days with your new daughter! We miss you. Kristin (and Max)

  3. Maggie is beautiful!! We are enjoying reading about her and can't wait to meet her. We are praying for all of you. Love, Susan D.

  4. I am so glad to see the big smile. Each photo lets us see more of her personality showing itself. All of you have such a sweet way with letting her emerge at her own comfortable pace. Enjoy every moment as she finds her place in her forever family. We love you and miss you!!
    MOM(Saucy, Sammye)

  5. An unknown message from Sweden.
    I like reading / watching your blog, it takes us back a year at a time when we got our little Annie. In particular, the backpack gives me goosebumps. Our girl filled her princess backpack with everything she loved, especially with what she had with her from her foster mother and things she got from her new big sister. The backpack is still in use. Our girl is now a strong, talented, independent, caring, cuddling and stubborn 3 year old. She is the love of our life, along with her older sister.

  6. Oh yea, I am glad to see she likes her sunglasses and phone. Thanks Graham for giving her giftbag to her from Pop and Saucy. She looked like an authentic little American in that photo shot!!!
    I pray you are safely in Guangzhou by now and she was okay on the plane trip.
    MOM(Saucy, Sammye)

  7. The sleepover has been so fun.... just tucked in Corinne and Courtney .... Courtney was reading "If you give a mouse a cookie to Corinne". She has had 3 handlers tonight ) Mallory, Isabelle and Courtney. She has enjoyed all the attention and fell asleep quickly! So glad we could keep her tonight!
    Praying for you all and a smooth transition to your next stop!

  8. I hope Guangzhou has been a fresh change.....thinking about you all tonight, and hope everyone is resting....I hope the plane ride went well. Graham, you are being such a great big brother...what a gift you have!

  9. Wow. It has been a couple of days since I looked at the pictures and what a change I see in Maggie. She looks really happy and even more engaged with you all. I know you guys are still grieving with her at what she is leaving behind, but it looks like she is already taking baby steps forward at the same time.
    Graham, we miss you at school. Next Friday we are having a Polar Express day and all wearing our pj's. I know you are having a good time with your parents and Maggie. Maggie looks like she is such a busy and active girl that I am sure they are grateful to have you there to run around and play with her.
    Lauren and Seth and their Dad and I have been praying for you guys and will continue. We can't wait to see you all when you get back to Franklin!

  10. Agree so much with the comments above...! She looks like so much fun and you are doing such a great job of capturing what sounds like her personality in her pictures. So thrilled that you are feeling so good about her attachment. We cannot wait to meet Miss Maggie! Graham, sounds like you are doing such a wonderful job of making her feel special! You can add another little girl to your fan club now! We love you all and can't wait to see you!! Steph and Todd