Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Graham's Blog

Today was one of our best days, probably our best. The first thing that we did was get ready and go down to breakfast. Maggie didn’t do so well at that. After that, we went outside to walk around the street then we went to a tea shop and we tried all different types of tea, then we bought tea. Then after that we went back to the hotel and met our guide Aron and went to the US Consulate office for an hour and I had to do school work. Then we came back to the hotel to order our dinner of fried rice. Then we went out to the street again to go look at restaurants to eat at. We went to a restaurant and I ordered cake. I shared part of the cake with Maggie. A lady brought out bread sticks that me and Maggie ate. Three bread sticks that we ate, I had a side, and Maggie had a side and then we ate it down until we were really close to each other and then I gave it to Maggie to finish. When we were leaving, Maggie gave us all a kiss. Then we went down the street to look at other restaurants and then we went back to our hotel. In the hotel, me and Maggie slept in a bed together for maybe 6 minutes while I fed her a bottle. After that, we put Maggie in a crib and she did a lot better than she did a lot of other nights. Then I got in my bed to do some dot to dots, but then mom and dad said I had to get up here and write what I’m writing now. When Maggie gave me a kiss and I was able to give her a bottle, it made me feel good. I wish she could have slept with me tonight and hope that she can sleep with me one day soon.



  1. Hey Graham, Max here. How are you doing? It is snowing here in Franklin, had no school yesterday because of 4 inches of snow.
    Missed you at the Scout Dinner last night. Parker and I had fun, but wished you were there.
    We got badges and beltloops.
    They called your name for your popcorn prize.Hope you have a fun rest of the time.
    your friend,
    max linn

  2. what can I say..my heart runs over. I can't wait till you all are home. It is time.

  3. Graham, I can understand why Maggie would give you a kiss, you are soooo sweet, kind, and good to her. I can hardly wait to see you and get to talk with you when you get home. I really enjoy reading what you write for us---glad Mom and Dad reminded you to write!
    I surely love you.
    Aunt M.

  4. Seriously! That was AWESOME Graham! You are such an example of Jesus' love for us. How much does he just want to cuddle up and let him take care of us...you are HIS arms to your little sister right now. I am so proud of you!! We can't wait to see you...Crazy Caroline, too! We love you! T and Steph

  5. Graham,
    I have so much to say to you that I do not know what I want to say first. I am so proud of your willingness to do what ever it takes to help Maggie feel loved. You have been such a wonderful Big Brother. I knew you were special but I just did not realize HOW special. Pop and I love you to the moon and back and we will always remember how well you loved Maggie the first few days she was with your family. PLEASE PLEASE HAVE A BIG HUG READY FOR ME WHEN I SEE YOU AT THE AIRPORT!!!
    Pop and Saucy