Monday, December 6, 2010

Graham talking about the adoption

We rode up the elevator with Maggie and her foster Grandmother. When we got up to the room Maggie didn't even want to look at me. When her foster Grandmother left, and gave Maggie to us, she screamed and cried a lot. When we got to the car, Maggie did a lot better. That night, Maggie did not eat anything. When we got to the room, me and dad tried to get food and toys out to make her stop crying. Maggie also went to the door and packed up all her stuff like she was getting ready to go, and she was yelling "lie lie" or whatever the Chinese word for grandmother is. When I showed her the pictures of her foster grandmother, she started to talk for about 20 minutes straight. After she talked, we had to put her in a diaper, but she started to scream and cry again. Then we went to bed.

When we got Maggie I felt sad because she missed her foster Grandmother so much. I also felt sad because she won't see her foster Grandmother again, probably. I hope things will get better and things are kind of getting better with her, but she still won't talk to us very much. All she is doing is being really quite and looking at her books and pictures.



  1. Hi Graham, I'm so glad to hear from you again! I know your mom and dad are so thankful you are there! When we went to China to adopt Abby, it was such a blessing to have Zack, Nick and Mackenzie with us... I think you will help Maggie feel safer even faster. I know she can sense your sweet and compassionate heart for her. I hope you're having fun too! Hugs, from your cousins...

  2. Graham, Saucy and Pop think you are such a wonderful big brother. You are seeing and learing so much on this trip. One of the hardest things you are learning is how to watch someone be very sad and try to help them and love them through it. You are doing a wonderful job with Maggie. I know she is going to love you very much and remember how much you helped her get through this time. We all miss you and canot wait to see you at the airport.
    We Love You,
    POP and SAUCY

  3. Graham-
    You are an incredible big brother to all three of your siblings...but especially to baby Maggie right now. It is so hard to understand how much she is hurting since leaving her foster family, but I know that she feels comforted to have you there with her. You keep talking to her and showing her the picture books and trying to feed her and being patient with her...just like you are...and I know that things will get better. You are being her friend and that's the absolute best thing that a brother can be to his little sister. Darren and I are VERY proud of you!!! Love, Meredith

  4. GRAHAM! Thank you for being such a patient big brother! You have clearly made such a difference to Maggie already...I am so thankful you are on the trip too. ALSO, Alex, Ben and Jack look forward to your posts and are learning so much from you...what to eat for breakfast, how their little sister is going to need them, and how to be patient. You are a strong and faithful young man, and we are so proud of you! The boys think Maggie is super cute and are shocked that she can eat with chopsticks without the "helper" clips...please tell your Mom and Dad that we hope they are getting some rest, and that Guangzhou and Starbucks are coming...we mis you all, and cannot wait for more posts from YOU. You are a great writer and do such a good job. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Graham,
    You are an amazing brother... she is going to fall crazy in love with you in no time.
    Know that so many folks back in the states are praying for every member of your family.

    You are such a fabulous writer... you paint detailed word pictures. Your Mom and Dad must be very proud of you.

    God bless y'all.