Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are they taking my picture again...

I could connect with this guy...bored and wasting time along the river

The family...see the "significant building" in the background...

And here it is

Walking up

View from on top...I was looking out this window as the guide was telling me of the governments strict building codes around this spot to protect the view of this important, historical building...I'm always struck by the contrasts and contradictions in China

A close'll see it in other pictures, and I don't know if I've mentioned it or not...but she has chicken pox..or she is getting over she has marks on her face and body. More noticeable in other pictures

So, spinning a top on the sidewalk by hitting it with a whip is a big past time here...I was a natural...or at least that is what I think they were saying

Grahams playing...she's not yet warmed up to toys...might mean she has to engage us...sad face

But, we're trying

I told Graham not to mess with these women...those are swords

The Family...again

How'd he get my honey bun?

Finally, got my honey bun

Think they have a honey bun?

Made it to the top of the mountain...Maggie had some help

View of the Temple...word is the monks live in those buildings in the background

Davis, this one is for you. The Chinese buy turtles at the food market, and then release them at the temple for good luck...I think it's guilt

This is the "look away" that we get from her so often when she is trying to ignore us

Nestling in for a car ride

Sound asleep on Graham's lap...this picture makes her complexion look bad...the chicken pox aren't that bad

Mountains, decay and smog...on a sunny day

Contrasts of the city

Playing with her tea set...finally

And Legos...

And Play dough

She'll kill me for these kind of pictures one day

I tried to get a picture of the "attempt to hide a smile" face...not a great picture...maybe tomorrow

Still playing at bedtime...I love how they sit like that.

Good Night....


  1. Love all of the pics....she has brighter eyes now....stubborn ,though, but sounds like her Momma!!! Brook, Love your posts...very sounds like you would rather stay where you are than go on to Guangzhou :)

    Really, though, praying for you all...for strength, for rest, for patience, for peace.

    Lots of love!

  2. Still watching and praying. Thanks for all the pics and thanks Brook for taking the time to post and keep us up to date.

    I love watching Graham with Maggie. Those interactions are my favorite. Such a tender heart Graham has towards his baby sister. What a wonderful young man his is growing up to be.

    I love that Maggie is "fighting" so hard not to love you, not to smile, not to laugh. You know she's got it in her if she's "fighting" it so hard. She is so cute. Can't wait to see more of her.

    Love to all of you.

  3. My goodness, she is so cute!! Can't wait to meet her. Brook, I am loving your posts. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Always praying for you guys. Haley is quite conflicted about Maggie missing and leaving her foster family. She keeps asking if she will be ok like Corrine is now. :) Graham is amazing. I love to see the pictures of him with Maggie. What a great big brother!! Love you guys!
    Trudy and Steve

  4. I love that sweet little face!

  5. Thank You so much for the photos. It just makes our day to see all of you. Pop and I are in love with that round precious little face. I especially love the ones with Graham holding her and to look at the contrast of their faces. How Blessed we are as grandparents!!! I wish these new photos had been up at the time I had Corinne and Davis because I love to look at them with them. Their questions and comments are so insightful and "funny".
    They are doing good but look so forward to Mom, Dad, Graham and of course Maggie coming home. Next Tuesday after Mustard Seed program Gray is coming home with us and spending the night. They will all 3 probably sleep in the king-size bed. Corinne will love that!! Not sure about Davis.
    So sorry I missed your call this morning. We have been wanting to talk and see you all so much. Maybe later today! Praying each day will continue to move her heart towards trusting you and letting you into her world. Everything you tell us about her is evidence that she truly is a special little girl. God has again Blessed our family.
    We Love You.
    MOM(Saucy, Sammye)