Monday, February 16, 2009

What I have been working on

I just completed sewing for 2 orders. Two mom's ordered the Portabellopixie apron dress. It turned out really cut. I am going to be sewing more apron dresses and I am going to sew "apron skirts". The skirts are cute. They will probably be tiered skirts with a faux apron sewn on - very similar to the dress. I have a few more orders to wrap up this week and then I will try to sew a "new creation". Thanks again for all the families supporting us. I have especially enjoyed knowing something about the little girls I am sewing for. I am not sure what I will sell the skirts for. I first need to make up a few and see what kind of time I have in each one. In the future I will sell the appliqued apron dresses for $68. I can make in size 12m to size 8

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