Thursday, February 5, 2009

Support another family raising funds - neat T-shirt

I follow another blog that is raising funds to bring home two children from Ethiopia. They already have 4 children (2bio, 2 adopted from China). Gwen has designed a very creative and Poignant t-shirt. See Below. The shirts sell for $25
Back of Shirt

Front of Shirt

Here is an excerpt from Gwens blog. "I DESIGNED THEM TO CAUSE PEOPLE TO TALK ... I pictured the Daisy as people would say "You Love Me, You Love Me Not?" and it hit me ... It is a personal choice to love the orphans, but it is a mandate from the Father that we all care for them in some way ... WHAT DOES CARING LOOK LIKE FOR YOU ... It could be adopting, sponsoring a child, helping someone fund their adoption, clothes drives/food drives for orphanages, volunteering at a non-profit, interim care, or simply buying this t-shirt to help bring my children home ... I know I am saying this to the choir... You, my blog family, have been amazing at caring for the orphans, so many of you are ACTING and we are changing this world !!! Let's keep talking about them to others and get more people involved ... "

I hope to have 2-3 more outfits up by the end of the weekend. One will be a 3t monogrammed tee with peasant skirt, the other 2 will be 2t bloomer and top set.

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  1. Thank you for helping spread the word... this is darling and I just love Gwen and her family.