Monday, February 2, 2009

Selling of my creations

I will post outfits that are ready to be sold. If you would like to purchase the item email me at . I will then send you a paypal invoice or you can send a money order. Once an item is sold I will mark it as "sold". In some instances I can take orders for an outfit if you need a different size. It will depend on how much fabric I have. If you see a fabric you like but want it in a different style email me I plan on sewing some new styles and fabrics in the upcoming weeks. If you are a portabellopixie fan - come back soon. I hope to have a dress or 2 sewn in the upcoming weeks. I am ordering the fabric today.
I pride myself on doing the little "extra's that make the clothing nice. When I make a garment I always have finished edges. Meaning there are no seams that will fray. I either serge all my seams or make a nice french seam. A french seam means that the edge or seam is hidden in the fold of the garmet. Another example is I line all my pockets. Many patterns don't call for the pockets to be lined but I think it looks so much better. I also like to add ric rac/pom poms/ ribbon to my outfits. It is an extra step for me but I think it adds alot.

If you like my things please spread the word about my blog. I have a blog button to the right with the code you can copy and post. Like I stated in an earlier post all my funds will go towards the expenses of our second adoption. I will also tithe a portion of the funds I make to the Starfish home. If you are not familiar with Starfish visit their blog or website. Amanda is doing wonderful and amazing things to care for orphans in China. There is a link on my sidebar to a place called "one child at a time" This is an online auction that raises money for Starfish. I plan to periodically donate some of my clothing to them to raise money..

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