Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids, non sewing related

You know the saying "kids say the darndest things". I have a 4 year old soon to be 5 little boy (Davis) who is always coming up with the funnniest things. We also joke that he has a special relationship with Jesus - he frequently is sharing with me spiritual truths. For example we were in a store and he and his sister were allowed to pick out 1 ornament for their small bedroom Christmas tree (2.5 feet high). The tree has a theme - it is decorated with all faux candy and faux gingerbread cookies. At the store there was the fake candy and some crosses. Davis said I want the cross. I reminded him about the tree "theme" and asked if he was sure he didn't want to stick to that. He looked up at me with those big eyes and in a loud voice said "Mama don't you like crosses" I saw a few shoppers glance my way and smile. Needless to say we went home with the cross. Last weekend Davis got in trouble and when I asked him what had happened he said "Mom Satan just gets in my head and gets it all stirred up" he also told me the next day "mom I think Satan puts on a costume and tries to dress up like God so I will do bad choices." Pretty good theology for a 4 year old. The last Davis story I will share happened today. Today Davis was getting in the car and looked up at me and said "mom I love being me". I told him "it must be alot of fun to get to be you", he said "yeah it sure is".

I will share one Corinne story from today ( remember she has been home for almost 2 years). Corinne was in the car today and I thought she said "ai ai" (something she was called in China). I said to her did you say Gui Ai (her chinese name). She said "no, yucky gui ai". I then said Gui ai is a pretty name. She said "no like Gui ai it is yucky" She abhors it if we say her chinese name and then will tell us to only call her Corinne (her middle name is her chinese name). It is another reminder that eventually all of "this stuff" will come out and have to be dealt with. Right now she is dealing with it at a 3 year old level.

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  1. I am laughing so hard... Davis is quite profound!! He and Nick will have to sit and talk someday, I think they think alot alike!!

    And sweet Corinne, I believe your right, there is still so much to come with these precious children. I'm so glad we know that Jesus can heal any hurt!

    Love ya!!