Thursday, March 12, 2009

New apron dress and cats

I love this apron dress. It is hard to find soft pinks and browns that mix well and have a "little girl feel". I was suprised to see how all these fabrics pulled together since I bought them all at different times. This dress will sell for $56. I can make it in size 12m to size 8. It is made from 5 different complimentary fabrics. The straps and hems are made from a pink micro check gingham. 3 of the other fabrics are Amy Butler fabrics.
I also made this cat dress. It is more labor intensive. My daughter loves cats and I thought she would enjoy the dress. It is suppose to look like "cats climbing stairs". The dress is made from a pink micro check gingham. The "stairs" are made from a strip of chocolate brown ric rac running diaganolly down the dress. Each cat is appliqued onto the dress. Small black beads are sewn on for their eyes. I hand embroidered the cats whiskers onto their faces.
Front of the dress
Back of the dress

Yellow tabby. In this photo the color of the dress came out wrong it is a light pink.


  1. Stephanie, all your creations are SO cute! I love them. To bad I am having a boy (hint hint- on boys clothes)
    I was wondering if you have ever checked out the Etsy website, you could definately post your things there too... Just a thought!
    Hope to see you guys sometime soon, Elizabeth

  2. Both of the dresses are toooooooo sweet!
    WOW! What a labor of love on the kitty dress for your little one.
    God's speed,