Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday's, pant set

Our sweet girl turned 4 last Friday. She loves parties and all the stuff that goes with. She is so into princesses, pink, dress up, ect. Her Aunt took her to get her nails done on friday. She loves brightly painted nails, but her nailbeds are so small they couldn't put a design on the nail. She is still such a tiny little girl - weighing in at 26 pounds at 4 years. She got dress up clothes from grandparents and a new "princess" bike from us. She has loved riding the bike. So we have spent the last few days walking up and down the street as she rides her bike. On Saturday she donned herself in her tinkerbell outfit - wings and all, purse, and put dolls in her bike basket for her mid afternoon ride.Although, she told me on Sunday that she also needs a princess helmet - the yellow bug one no longer will do. We are now coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Corinne's adoption. It is amazing to think we have now had Corinne for 2 years - 1/2 her life in China and 1/2 her life with us. Corinne has many heavenly gifts but there are a few that really standout. She is resilient, persistent, sweet, good hearted, easy going, loves activities. In her 2 years in China she lived with her birth family for 3 months, orphanage, China Care home, and a foster family. That is alot of uprooting for a anyone especially a young child. But she is resilient and fell right into our family and found her place. This is not to say there won't be any abandonment issues but I do think God has bestowed on her gifts that will make it easier for her to deal with when the time comes. Below are some birthday photos. I also included photos of Graham being a great older brother. He is patient with Corinne and always willingly paints her nails. She also loves it when Graham sleeps with her. So her birthday was wrapped up with Graham sleeping with her.
She has a squeal of delight watching her new bike being rolled in.
I love my bike!
Big brother sleeping with me
Getting my nails painted. Glitter pink of course!
I also have another outfit. I can make it in many different fabrics so if you like it email me and I can email you photo's of some fabric options. I think the pants are especially cute in a micro check gingham. The top criss crosses in the front with little ties that pull through button holes and tie into bows. In this outfit I used a chocolate gingham for the ties and I trimmed the top in chocolate gingham piping. The top has a small ruffle that goes around the neck and front of the top. The top of the sleeves have a slight gather on top. The shirt is fully lined. The pants are finished off with a ruffle cuff. I will sell the outfit for $54. Corinne wore this outfit today and had many compliments!

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