Sunday, January 2, 2011

We have done a bad job of taking photos since coming. Don't know if that is cause it is #4 or it has been busy during the holidays. People have asked about Maggie. I have to say she has done better than we expected. She is sharing a room with C and doing well. She fusses for a minute or 2 when we first tell her time for bed but settles down quickly. She loves dolls and playing kitchen. She also loves playing with her sister. Whenever the phone rings she tells me to answer and she also instructs me to put on my seatbelt when we get in the car. Tomorrow we start back to our regular routine and I am ready. Not sure what she will think when her brothers go to school tomorrow and her sister goes later in the week.

I think of her foster family often. I know that must wonder how she is doing and worry about her. I wish I could give them a snapshot and glimpse as to how she is doing. She is doing well because of them. More on that later. Want to leave you with one thought and something I read on another blog- see below.
Seeing his baby turtle

Really shocked that there is a baby turtle

Maggie understands presents
He is all about crystals/rocks
Corinne wants to sew like her mama

Still enjoying noodles

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  1. I have been thinking about you guys and praying that you were all well. It sounds like Maggie is doing well and I hope that continues. Take care!