Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Years ago today

2 Years ago today Brook and I were in Shanxi province in Taiyuan City, China meeting Corinne for the first time

It is so amazing how much she has changed! I remember when she use to cry and whimper in her sleep. It is such a blessing to now watch her sleep so confidently and peacfully, so securely. It is just a testament of God's grace and healing in her life. The other day someone told Brook "that is an awfully small finger to be wrapped around". They are right we are smitten and wrapped!

She loves to dance, especially with Daddy.


  1. And 2 years ago God captured my heart with your story and now we have Abby... Thank you for sharing that amazing journey with us, God used it in a powerful way!

    We love you Corinne and we are so glad you're a part of our family!! Happy 2nd Gotcha Day!!


  2. Same here as Sharla!!! I will never forget DH leaning over to me at that first SH dinner when he and Brook had been talking … Brook's willingness to share (still not sure what all they talked about ;) really helped DH to grasp the whole SN path we had felt led to by Corinne's story. I guess Charlie hearing it man-to-man versus me going "on and on" about another adoption blog really sealed it for us--our daughter would be SN and we just had to wait for God to lead us to her!

    So all that to say, thanks for sharing and for keeping it real! From long ago when we were just kids to that night at Starbucks til today. I appreciate your friendship on this wild and wonderful ride we call life!

    And I CANNOT BELIEVE it has been two years already! Where has the time gone? WOW!!! She has sure blossomed. I love what you told me once too: ripe for love! So true! They really are and we are ripe for the unique love they share!!!

  3. we have been home almost 2 years with our shanxi girl! Best wishes on your journey to your next child.