Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fundraising & our Widow project

Mrs. Nanny's Home

We are excited to be a part of a "Both Hands" project on Saturday November 20th. Both Hands ministry is a ministry that serves adopted families needing to fundraise and widows in need. We will be working on Ms. Nanny's home. She is an 87 year old widow who is unable to meet the needs of her home. We have had a group of wonderful people offer to come alongside us and be on our work day team. It is a wonderful blessing you get to experience when you put yourself out there and say you need help. It is hard to say you need help. It is hard to ask friends/family to help you on a project and mail support letters on your behalf. I have witnessed and benefited from some amazing genorosity of our friends and family - all of which I couldn't of experienced unless we did this project. Below is a link to our fundraising page at lifesong. All donations are tax deductable and go straight into our adoption fund. If you feel led we would appreciate any donations towards our project.

You have to scroll down to our name/date. Our fundraising letter is included on the link.

So hopefully at the end of the day on November 20th we will have taken care of some of Ms. Nanny's needs. And Maggie will have a new story for me to tell her of how a group of people came around to love on her, value her, and help in bringing her home.

Mrs. Nanny


  1. I am wondering how come not many people adopt Chinese boys.

  2. What a beautiful lady Mrs. Nanny is. So glad you are helping her.