Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LOA and Fundraising project

LOA means Letter of Acceptance. It is a letter you sign saying "yes we really do want to adopt this child". It usually takes 4-6 weeks to recieve. We received our LOA in 12 days. Wow! Now we only need 1 more paper from China - a TA. This stands for Travel Approval which says you can come now.

Our agency says we should plan to travel the first of December. Our reality is coming at us fast. I pray the transition is managable with our homeschooling. Makes me a bit nervous, but if we travel first of December it will give us a short break before we have to dive back into schooling.

They other last major thing we are doing prior to travel is called a "both hands project". It is a fundraising effort. Both hands ministry pairs you with a widow. You put together a work crew and spend the day fixing her home and doing repairs. Your work crew sends out letters requesting financial support to work on the widows home. Once you pay for supplies all excess money goes to the adoptive family. We are tentively planning to do our project November 20th. Let me know if you would like to help. We have alot of adoption expenses and would love the support.


  1. We definitely want to help. William is interested happy she will be home soon, and praying that all of the funds will come together quickly and easily....praying for you!

  2. Keep me posted on the Both Hands Project. If you need certain supplies, DH can most likely help too with gathering that at no cost or low cost. I will put this date on the calendar. We will help for sure.