Sunday, September 19, 2010

Waiting for a Match

This adoption has been about waiting. To be totally honest I have been content to wait. Our first adoption I moved forward like a bullet train. This time we have been much slower and it has been about seeking God's direction for each and every step. We started our homestudy in November of 2008. Our paperwork was logged into China June 2009. The next step has been for us to submit our special needs checklist. This is a list that you submit stating the special needs you are willing to accept. For a long time we haven't had peace about taking this next step. That is until now.....This past Friday Sept 17th we emailed our checklist to our agency.

We are with a small agency that tends to match families within 1-3 months after submitting the checklist. Every 4-6 weeks China sends a new list of special needs children. A new list comes out tonight. Our agency emailed us today and said they will try to match us with this list. So how do you sleep the night before you might discover you new child. Let's just say this is nothing like birthing a baby the old fashion way. My prayer is that if we are given a childs file for review it will be very clear if she is ours.

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